Authorities need help finding missing Huntington woman

Sheila Morton (Source: Angelina Co. Sheriff's Department)
Sheila Morton (Source: Angelina Co. Sheriff's Department)
Sheila Morton (Source: Morton's Family)
Sheila Morton (Source: Morton's Family)
Sheila Morton (Source: Morton's Family)
Sheila Morton (Source: Morton's Family)

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County authorities are seeking the public's help in finding a Huntington woman that has been missing since June 2.

Sheila Morton, 32, was last seen by her ex-boyfriend at a home on the corner of Farm Road 843 and Chester Allen road in Central.

Sheila is 4'11" and weighs about 140 pounds. Her family says she recently dyed her hair a reddish color.

Sheila is described by her family as a loving, caring and devoted mother, which is why they said red flags went up when they found out that Sheila left leaving her 3-year-old son, Hayden with his father for two weeks ago and never came back for him or checked in.

"This is not like her to do that, I mean if she is going to go off somewhere, you know that's fine, but she would not, not contact Tim about the baby," said Sheila's Mother, Joan Morton.

A couple of weeks before her disappearance, Sheila's family said she had quit her job of 10 years, moved homes and began hanging out with an old group of friends.

Hayden's father didn't want to be identified for the safety of his family, said Sheila was acting different the weeks leading up to her disappearance, a difference her family said they saw too.

During the move Sheila had been staying with her baby's father while she was in the middle of moving homes.

"Lately she's been going through so much trying to find a place to live and she has quit her job; no she is not acting like she usually does," said Joan.

According to Hayden's father, the day Sheila went missing she had been drinking heavily and wanted to leave the father's home with her son.

He told her he would call the cops if she got in the car and at that point he took their son inside, left Sheila outside, which is the last time he saw her.

Angelina County Sheriff, Greg Sanches said they are classifying this case as suspicious, because of nature of the disappearance.

"That really worries us because, you know, especially a woman leaving her little three year old behind and not making contact and checking on the child, it's not normal," said Sanches.

Sheila's family said she had somewhat of a troubled past, but had since gotten her life back together, which is why her disappearance is so puzzling to them.

"I feel like she is in trouble, because she isn't just going to leave, she's not going to leave her baby, " said Sheila's sister, Emma Morton.

Now, her family anxiously waits for answers.

"I just want to tell her that her momma wants her to come home, if she will just call me so I know she is ok, because I want my baby girl back," said Joan.

Hayden's father said when he came back outside to find Sheila her car along with her purse and keys were still in the driveway, but her cell phone and wallet where gone.

He's not sure where she might have gone, considering she would have to walk a long way to get to the closest store.

He said he thinks she might have had someone come and pick her up.

Sheriff Sanches said they have been receiving phone calls all day, but said they have all turned up empty in the search for Sheila.

If you or anyone you know has information on the where about of Sheila you are urged to contact the sheriff's office at 9936) 634-3331.

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