Texas Rangers discourage fans from doing the wave

ARLINGTON, TX (AP) - The wave is a tradition almost at any sporting event, but it's a tradition the Texas Rangers are looking to put a stop to at the Globe Life Park in Arlington.

Chuck Morgan, the executive vice president of ballpark entertainment and productions, says he gets hundreds of tweets from fans asking to stop the wave, and even some of the players say there are better times than others to do the wave.

The ballpark isn't asking fans to stop completely, but to restrain themselves from doing the wave during critical points in the game.

Morgan understands you can't get fans to stop, so they've come up with a creative, fun way to kill the wave.

The Miami Marlins were in Arlington Wednesday, so the Rangers took advantage of Lebron's recent cramp episode and on their jumbotron they put: "The Republic of Texas Constitution written in 1836 states: a facility has the right when playing a team from Miami, to turn off the air conditioning in the facility. If the wave continues, the AC will be turned off here tonight."

Then snowballing off the climbing number of rangers players that have been put on the disabled list for injuries, another jumbotron had a bobble head with a black eye, an arm and leg cast and read: "Attention: due to the amount of injuries sustained in this ballpark, state of Texas medical officials are advising that persons should not attempt doing the wave at any time during games."

Morgan says they are wanting to have fun with this and that fans so far seem to be enjoying the messages.

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