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Convicted rapist sentenced to life in prison

A judge ruled Dotson was a habitual offender. (WVUE) A judge ruled Dotson was a habitual offender. (WVUE)

A man has been sentenced to life in prison after his conviction for a rape that happened 18 years ago.

Derrick Dotson, 42, is a third time felony offender. Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge Julian Parker handed down the mandatory sentence after Dotson was convicted of rape in March.

The case stems from incident that happened in 1996. Prosecutors said Dotson broke into a house in eastern New Orleans armed with a handgun and demanded money from a woman. When she said she did not have any money, he raped her. Following the crime, the victim wen to the hospital where DNA evidence was collected.

In September of 2007, authorities used a DNA indexing system that connected Dotson to the crime, as well as an additional rape in 1994.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office indicted Dotson for both rapes in 2012. In March of this year, a jury found the defendant guilty of forcible rape in the 1996 incident. The jury could not reach a verdict in the 1994 case.

Following the trial, the DA's office filed a multiple bill seeking to have the defendant sentenced as a habitual offender. Dotson had also been convicted of simple robbery in 1994. He was convicted of aggravated battery after shooting a friend in the head in 1995.

On Friday, Parker imposed the mandatory life sentence.

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