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Stormy, the rhino leaves Ellen Trout Zoo

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Ellen trout zoo is down one rhino after a scheduled swap fell through.

Zoo director Gordon Henley says some health issues prevented the zoo from getting a female rhino today but they still had to say goodbye to their male Southern White rhino, Stormy.

And let it be known that moving a Rhinoceros is no small job.

Stormy has been training for this trip for more than a month learning to feed in his crate and be comfortable in it.

Ellen Trout Zoo director, Gordon Henley said, "Stormy is going off. We're going to miss him because he's been here for 15 years and we've got really attached to him and he's got a great disposition for a Rhinoceros and he's just a wonderful animal his movement to North Carolina in the big picture is a good thing because he'll be going there for breeding purposes."

The move was meticulous and staff at the zoo says City of Lufkin Street Department and Angelina Hardwood partnered with them to help lift and move the 10,000 pound crate and rhino from the zoo to the transport truck.

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