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Lexington community reacts to James Metts indictment


Shock and cynicism is the mood from many Lexington County residents as Sheriff James Metts was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office on federal corruption charges. 

We talked to many people who both admired and did not like Metts. The reactions were spread across the board. Many who were in support of him as a leader were quiet to comment and they reserved their comment until they knew more. But people who did not agree with his leadership were quick to point out they didn't believe he did much for his immediate community and surroundings.

"I think we should have good officers, not just people who are willing to take bribes and sit there and do the wrong thing," said William Collins. "They're worried about the little crimes when they need to worry about the big stuff."

"I didn't know the sheriff was a bad guy, I thought he was really good because he kept up the properties here pretty good and then I go and find out he did this," said Angela Martin. "You don't know what to expect out of the police now. He was the longest serving sheriff! I am very disappointed and I'm quite sure the whole neighborhood is."

"When you're in politics, anything can happen," said Laverne Haygood. "It's sad to hear he has these charges against him. I hope he's vindicated. But we'll wait and see the outcome.

Metts is the longest serving sheriff in South Carolina history, but he's not the first to find himself in this kind of trouble. He's the eighth sheriff in the past four years to face these types of allegations.

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