Lufkin ISD donates old turf to surrounding schools in need

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Panthers are in the giving spirit.

John Outlaw Memorial Field is getting a major face lift as new turf is being placed on the field. This was exciting news not only for Lufkin, but for the surrounding area schools.

The former Panthers' stomping grounds have been torn up and moved out. The turf is now finding new homes to benefit our local schools and our local kids.

The Panthers gave the turf away free of charge as a donation.

Hudson, Central, Zavalla, Diboll, and Huntington were just a few of the schools they've helped.

"If it was a school, then we tried to take care of them," said Todd Quick, Athletic Director at Lufkin High School.

The Lufkin Panthers took into consideration the struggle of budgeting for some of the smaller schools including Hudson, who says the turf was very much appreciated.

"It's tremendous. We can't afford something like that. We would love to be able to turf our soccer field and stuff, but we just can't afford," said Jimmy Eby, Athletic Director at Hudson High School. "We're just a small school, just like the other schools that benefit from getting the free turf. We're all just small schools, we have small budgets, and it helps us out tremendously."

The turf will also benefit the City of Lufkin as some of the batting cages will be resurfaced with the turf.

Lending a helping hand to the area schools all comes down to one thing for the Panthers.

"Schools take care of schools, and we take care of kids, and they take care of our kids when we go there. It shows what we're about here and what everybody's about in the school system," said Quick. "You take care of each other because in the long run it goes back to the kids that you have. They may not wear purple and gold, but they're still kids and they're still our future. We take care of each other and they take care of us, so that's the beautiful thing."

Hudson said they received about 5,000 square feet. They said it saved them easily thousands of dollars.

Then new turf will arrive this coming up Monday and should be done by the middle of July.

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