Heavy rain and strong storms blowing through East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Daytime heating has combined with several outflow boundaries and an unstable atmosphere to generate pockets of heavy rain and strong thunderstorms this afternoon.

Due to the deep moisture in place, any storms that move through your neighborhood this evening will be efficient rain producers, capable of bringing one to three inches to your backyard.

Some of the downpours will also be accompanied by frequent cloud-to-ground lightning and gusty winds.

The severe threat this evening is very minimal, but not zero.

Look for the heavy rain to slowly wind down this evening, once we lose the heating of the day.  With a very unsettled weather pattern remaining in place, however, more heavy downpours will be possible in the days ahead.  Therefore, make sure you keep your umbrellas handy, as you will need them on a few occasions for the remainder of the week.

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