Shelby Co. sheriff: Girl ran off with adult man

Briselda Echeverria (Source: Facebook)
Briselda Echeverria (Source: Facebook)
Pedro Ceferino (Source: Facebook)
Pedro Ceferino (Source: Facebook)
Briselda Echeverria (Source: KTRE Staff)
Briselda Echeverria (Source: KTRE Staff)

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Shelby County authorities and the FBI are looking for a 28-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl who are believed to have run away from the area after the girl's father forbid them from dating.

"He asked the father can I date your daughter and he says no," said D. J. Dickerson, Investigator, Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Willis Blackwell said they have been pinging the man's cellphone, but it quit pinging yesterday in Juarez. He said they believe they may have already crossed the Mexico border.

"We have alerted border patrol," Blackwell said. "But there's nothing we can do once they're in Mexico, unless the Mexican authorities do anything. But we can't go in there and get them ourselves."

Blackwell said the pair went missing on Saturday, after 15-year-old Briselda Echeverria and Pedro Ceferino, 28, asked Echeverria's father if they could date.

After learning the age of Ceferino, the father said no, then took away Echeverria's cellphone when he saw she was still communicating with Ceferino.

Blackwell said the father had left the house and when he came back, Echeverria was gone and Ceferino was not at his home.

During a phone call on Monday her brother Antonio said his younger sister defended Ceferino.

"She was telling my dad not to put Pedro in trouble or send him to jail," Antonio said.

For family members the past few days haven't been easy.

"There is five of us, three girls two guys but it's the first time someone has run away like this and my mom is very depressed," Antonio said.

Investigators say they don't believe this is a kidnapping, but say if Ceferino is caught he will be charged with harboring a runaway.

In addition Ceferino could face felony charges if it is found that he and Echeverria had a sexual relationship.

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