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Lufkin VFW hosts family day for Navy recruiters

(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)

FridayNavy recruiters put the uniforms away and turned their focus to family.

"Weforget about the recruiting today and we are coming to celebrate with ourchildren and have a good time," said Victor Chiquito, Local Recruiter.

LufkinVFW Post 1836 hosted a special celebration for Navy recruiters and theirfamilies, their goal is to make up for anytime they may have lost.

 "We want to compensate our families and show them its not just working it'sa family we work together and the better we can work together the better we cando business for the Navy together," Chiquito said.

 WesleyLindsay enlisted in the navy in 2006, about a year ago he decided to become arecruiter to be closer to his wife and young sons.

 "Isaw him for about two weeks out of his like until he was two which was reallydifficult so time like this is really important to all of us," Lindseysaid.

RecruiterVictor Chiquito says their job requires a lot of time and commitment but afterhaving served in the navy he believes it's an honor to come home and continuehis service.

"Alot of traveling, a lot of long hours , a lot of working looking for the youngand brightest kids," Chiquito said.

Lindseysays most of his recruiting is local but soon that will change.

"Inabout a year and a half I'll be going back to a ship," Lindsey said.

The VFWreceived a special plaque from the Navy Recruiting District of Houston for hosting thedistrict's inaugural recruiter family day.

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