Confiscated bikes being given to felons

Last year Gerard Segura received his second DWI. As part of his punishment his license was taken away and he was required to enter a drug facility for six months.Segura just recently completed rehab and now must find a way to comply with his court orders of maintaining a job and attending drug counseling but Segura can't drive.

"I get off of work at three or four in the morning and walk home," Segura said.

He said it has been the only way he could keep up with court orders. It's been a struggle for the last month, but he has found a better way.

"People on drug court have gotten bicycles from Judge Insulmann in the past and they told me about it, Segura said.

In the last six months at least 10 bicycles have been given out to those who are in the same position as Segura.

Angelina County Judge Robert Inselmann said it's the perfect solution for those trying to get their life in order.

"A lot of bicycles have been confiscated or they are missing," Inselmann said.

So about six months ago, drug court teamed up with law enforcement to put the bikes to good use.

"So they borrow the bicycles for about three to six months and return the bicycles once they get their drivers licenses back,"  Inselmann said.

Segura said it's not a car but getting this bike has taken a huge burden off his back. This is because the kind act helps Segura and others stay out of jail.

"It helps you be able to go from point a to point b when needed. If I can't find a ride or my parents are working I will take the bike," Segura said.

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