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Lufkin man sentenced to 20 years for burglary

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For one Lufkin man, jail has been a constant revolving door since he was a teen and now it seems it will be a while before he sees the outside of a prison cell.

Stephen Albro was sentenced to 20 years in prison for burglary of a habitation. The charge was increased because of a murder Albro was charged with murder in 2006.

Stephen Albro hoped to be given another chance by District Judge Barry Bryan.

Albro's trouble with the law started when he was a juvenile. In 2006 Albro shot and killed a person.

He served three years in the juvenile system and then was paroled for 27 years.

He was arrested again in Sept. 2010 on charges of evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance and parole violation. According to Angelina County court records, the evading arrest charge was dismissed after he pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor of attempted evading detention. The drug charge was also dismissed. He served 180 days on the charge.

In 2013, Albro along with a friend were caught burglarizing a home, the charged Albro was sentenced for today.

"He had a 27 year parole left," said prosecuting attorney Layne Thompson. "A Huge shot across the bow, don't ever do anything wrong again in your life and what does he do, commits a burglary of a habitation."

In court Melissa Holman, Albro's mother, pleaded with the judge.

"I don't feel Stephen has a fair chance in Lufkin," Holman said. "He needs a fresh start. He has a little girl that he loves. Please show mercy and give him a second chance. He's not a bad person and just want him to have a second opportunity."

Albro then took the stand in his defense.

"I was being selfish," Albro said. "I wasn't thinking of the pain I put my family or the victims through. I let peer pressure get to me. I had a job. I didn't have to go. I made a choice, a bad choice."

Thompson said it is hard to tell if Albro's apology was real.

"If you're truly repentant, you don't commit more crimes," Thompson said. "He has been given an incredible opportunity to turn his life around when he only served three years in juvenile for murder and then to attempt a burglary."

Albro's attorney John Reeves declined to comment on the ruling.

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