Mass medical dispensing practice held in Lufkin for possible flu outbreak

Mass medical dispensing practice held in Lufkin for possible flu outbreak
The Angelina County & Cities Health District hosted an emergency preparedness drill on Wednesday afternoon with partners at the Carpenters Way Church and the Angelina College Nursing Program.

The district simulated a mass medication dispensing drill to test their systems required by the Texas Department of State Health Services through the Public Health Preparedness Grant.

“The purpose of what we’re doing here is to make sure if mass illness came to the population of Angelina County we’d be able to dispense medication to them, so it’s kind of a run through. Like I said, making sure we are prepared to take care of our community,” said Gary Litton, the Program Planner for ACCHD.

If an event, like a flu outbreak, occurred in Angelina County, ACCHD would be tasked to coordinate the administration of medication, Litton said.

“We actually have a grant from the state to distribute, it’s called the Strategic National Stockpile, and it’s kind of a deal where if the masses needed medicine or counter measures, we would make sure we got it to them,” Litton said. “This is vital. If we did have a bad flu outbreak or something of that nature, this would give us the means to reach each individual, cause when it comes down to it we’re not taking care of a population, we’re taking care of families and people that we care about in our community.”

Carpenter’s Way Church, Huntington High School, Angelina College, Lufkin High School and the Diboll Civic Center are all locations for mass dispensing of medications in case of an emergency, Litton said.

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