Restaurant Report - Angelina County 07-02-14

Outback Steakhouse at 2206 S. First Street: 16 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, employees' food handler certification not up to date, floor under equipment in bar needed to be cleaned, vent hood filters needed to be cleaned, knives needed to be cleaned, ceiling vents needed to be cleaned, hand sinks weren't being used for just hand washing, and employee restroom doors needed to be replaced.

Lindo Mexico Taqueria at 305 S. Timberland: 8 demerits for jewelry in kitchen, damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced or repaired, areas under equipment and in prep cooler needed to be cleaned, floors needed to be cleaned throughout the restaurant, tortilla table needed to be replaced, food stored on floor, and bare wood needed to be painted.

Buffalo Wild Wings at 105 Miles Way, Suite 100: 4 demerits for areas under cabinets in restroom needed to be cleaned.

Ralph & Kacoo's at 3017 S. First Street: 4 demerits for equipment in waiter area needed to be cleaned, areas under kitchen equipment needed to be cleaned, floor drains needed to be cleaned, handles to doors on prep coolers needed to be changed, ceiling vents needed to be cleaned, vent hood filters needed to be cleaned, and broken floor tires needed to be repaired.

Manhattan Restaurant and Club at 107 W. Lufkin Ave.: 3 demerits for ice scoops stored improperly and food handlers' certification wasn't up to date.

McDonalds at 2301 S. First: 0 demerits.