Trinity Co. man suffers severe hand trauma, loses fingertip in fireworks accident

Trinity Co. man suffers severe hand trauma, loses fingertip in fireworks accident

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A 19-year-old Trinity County man suffered severe trauma to his hand and fingers as a result of a fireworks accident that occurred early Friday morning.

Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones said his officers were called about the accident at approximately 3:20 a.m. Friday. The accident occurred at a residence on West Pine Valley Road, which is located just outside the Trinity city limits, Jones said.

"We'd like everyone to practice as much fireworks safety as possible during this holiday weekend," Jones said. "If you're inclined to pray, please pray for this young man to make a full recovery."

When the Trinity Police officer responded to the hospital, he initially thought the victim, who was later identified as Arron Gibson had a gunshot wound, but it turned out to be a fireworks-related injury, Jones said. After officers talked to the victim's family, they learned that the man had been holding the firework in his hand when it went off, causing damage to his hand and extreme trauma to his fingers.

In a phone interview, Gibson said he was shooting off a firework that was designed to be held and shoot the pyrotechnics into the air when it went off in his hand.

After being transported East Texas Medical Center-Trinity, the victim was then taken to Houston's Hermann Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Gibson said the doctors were able to sew his thumb back on, but he may not able to get much movement out of it in the future. He said his other four fingers will be OK, other than the fact that the tip of his ring finger was blown off. In addition, the doctors told Gibson that he may wind up with nerve damage in his hand.

A status update on the Trinity Police Department's Facebook page reminded people that even though fireworks are fun to watch, people need to keep in mind that they are a type of explosive, and as a result, are dangerous.

"Please use the fireworks as they are intended," the Trinity Police Department's status update stated. "Do not hold fireworks that are designed to be shot from the ground because the explosion could seriously injure you and anyone around you."

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