Police: man falsely identified himself as LPD Officer, after running man off road

Police: man falsely identified himself as LPD Officer, after running man off road

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An investigation has found that the reckless driver who claimed to be a Lufkin Police Sergeant, after running a Lufkin man off the road, falsely identified himself as a peace officer.

According to Lufkin Police Chief, Gerald Williamson, moments after the incident was reported Lt. David Campbell accounted for all LPD Sergeants and determined that the offending driver was not an LPD employee.

"The supervisor was very proactive and checked in with all of the off-duty sergeants," said Lufkin Police Sergeant, Mike Shurley.

The report came in around 11:00 p.m. on July 4th, after a Lufkin man said he was driving onto Frank Ave. from Raguet St. when he was ran of the road by a reckless driver, who claimed to be a LPD Sergeant.

"Any self respecting, honest police officer that I know of, if they did accidentally run somebody off the road, they would be very apologetic about it. The fact that they are a police officer wouldn't even enter into the conversation," said Shurley.

Williams said the drivers 2007 white Ford Mustang  is registered to an address in Paris, Texas and that the case has been forwarded to the LPD Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation as an impersonating a Peace Officer offense.

Impersonating a Peace Officer in the State of Texas is a very serious offense, in fact it is a third degree felony and according to the Texas state penal code it could land you behind bars for up to 10 years and with a hefty fine of up to ten thousand dollars.

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