Lufkin engineer suggests simple solutions to keep your home cool

Intake Lubber, to help with ventilation in your attic
Intake Lubber, to help with ventilation in your attic
Tinted windows help keep the heat out
Tinted windows help keep the heat out
Powered exhaust vent to help keep your attic cool
Powered exhaust vent to help keep your attic cool


A new energy report has found that 39 percent of homeowners are willing to take drastic measures to save money and stay cool this summer, but a lot of those drastic measures are only short term solutions and will likely end up costing you more money.

James Blackwood, an engineer for Pax-Sun, has been working in the air condition business for 15 years, and he said he has seen a lot of short-term attempts at trying to keep cool.

“We have seen everything from foil on the windows to people leaving their refrigerator doors and the fan blowing into the refrigerator and blowing back out," Blackwood said.

Some other creative home remedies homeowners seem to be trying are, making do-it-yourself air conditioners with a fan and two cups full of ice, eating cold treats throughout the day, sticking ice packs in their clothing, and even walking around in as little clothes as possible.

Blackwood said those are good ideas, but aren’t long-term solutions to keeping cool.

"They are probably great short-term effects within the hour or two, but they're not feasible as a long-term or to cool a house down," Blackwood said.

Blackwood suggest if you really want to save money and stay cool, the best thing to do is to touch up and add a few inexpensive things to your home, like an intake louver, which helps with air flow into your attic.

"The more air you can get into your attic and out of your attic, the cooler your attic space will stay," Blackwood said.

A powered exhaust fan will also help.

"It has a motor and is set on a temperature thermostat, and when your attic gets to a certain temperature, it kicks on and brings air in," Blackwood said.

Combined, those changes will only run you a few hundred dollars at most.

Blackwood said even tinting your windows or adding darker blinds are inexpensive long-term way to keep your house cool, and in return, keep you cool.

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