East Texas small businesses not hiring

East Texas small businesses not hiring

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For Lufkin store Lockets and Lace, business has been good. However, business is good but not good enough to hire new workers.

In fact, according to a recent Citibank survey, many small businesses are not in a position to hire, nor do they plan to in the near future.The survey shows only 25 percent of owners planned on hiring, while a whopping 75 percent said they just can't afford to add new workers. Business owner Misty Jones is a part of the latter group.

"We get people calling up here or coming into the store on a daily basis, but honestly, we could use the extra help with the launch of our new website, but it’s not in our budget," Jones said.

Cynthia Wacasey hasn't tried filling an application out at Locket and Lace but is one of many looking to work.

"That's hard on a person because that's the first place that you look. Thinking that with a small businesses that you have a better chance of getting in there," Wacasey said.

Wacasey just recently moved to Lufkin, and she said she thinks small businesses are like families; everyone wants to be a part of them.

“You would think that they would look out for their employees better and they would appreciate you," Wacasey said.

Jones said they don’t plan on hiring soon.“We are just going to make it work with what we have here," Wacasey said.

Hopefully technology, like a new Website will pick up business. It’s a trend many others are turning to. That survey said that many small businesses are turning to the Internet because it improves sales and generates leads.

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