City of Nacogdoches encourages Sunday business

Heart of Texas is one of the few businesses open on a Sunday afternoon in Nacogdoches. Owner Jerry Larabee said it’s not easy staying open seven days a week with just three employees.

"We had to start opening on Sundays because everyone was pressuring us into it when we first open and we do encourage other stores to do it. It really has been very good for us. There is rarely a Sunday were we don't have a sale, if not very good sale," Larabee said.

When it comes to business, Sundays are sometimes better than a Monday or Tuesday in a small town like Nacogdoches. Sarah O'Brien with the City of Nacogdoches said many East Texans like to sleep in on Sunday, but they’re trying to change that way of thinking.

"We are very lucky to have some downtown merchants that are doing creative things to extend their hours. We have several new stores that have joined the ranks and so visitor's and tourist that are coming to Nacogdoches and are looking for something to do, now have several options downtown, " O’Brien said.

She added that business hours play a big role in the growth of the city.Larabee agreed and said it’s important to help each other

"By being open on Sunday, we are encouraging travelers to stay a little longer, spend a little bit more money, get their gas, and  a bite to eat,” Larabee said.

Larabee said  Sunday's has really helped her business grow.

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