Lufkin City Council green lights electric fences for business

Lufkin City Council green lights electric fences for business

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In a 4-3 vote, the Lufkin City Council decided to allow business to have an electric fence on their property.

However, the change in ordinance didn't come without several standards and regulations.

"This is not your fence that you go down to the farm supply, and you buy. The measures that we have put in place with our ordinance goes way beyond that," said Dale Allred, the City of Lufkin's director of inspection services.

Some of those standards and regulations are as follows:

The fence can only be on a light-manufacturing, heavy-manufacturing or commercial property.

It cannot be within five feet of any public sidewalk or outdoor area used for hazardous materials.

It must be between 6 and 10 feet tall.

There must be a perimeter fence three to 12 inches in front of the electric fence.

The fence can only be on during times when the general public does not have access to the protected property.

Allred said not every business in Lufkin will be interested in an electric fence. Only a few in particular have expressed interest.

"A transit business that takes deliveries of large quantities. A sensitive area, such as a manufacturing company, where products that they have would be quite valuable," Allred said. "Certain types of operations where you have hazardous materials inside that you wouldn't want the general public having access to. Those are the types of business I think would be attracted to it."

The inspector's office said as of right now they only have one business that has requested a permit for an electrical fence.

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