Angelina Co. man defends decision to shoot neighbor's dog

Angelina Co. man defends decision to shoot neighbor's dog
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

On June 26, Marvin Fraser was arrested by the Angelina County Sheriff's Office after he shot and killed his neighbor's dog with a BB gun.

"I have a lot of animals,” Fraser said.

Fraser is facing animal cruelty charges.

"I feel frustrated and embarrassed,” Fraser said.

Fraser and his girlfriend Sheila Mareno moved into their trailer home on Charles Road with her three grandchildren back in March. They said there have been problems since day one.

"The dog’s been coming over and destroying the insulation for my trailer and the piping," Fraser said.

Fraser and Mareno claimed they talked to the neighbor several times, but nothing was done. The last time was a week before the shooting.

"So my girlfriend called me when I was at work and told me that the dog was under the house again,” Fraser said. “I told her to go and talk to the guy, and she said he wasn't home. So I told her to then write him a note.”

“Please keep your dog tied up. Thanks Sheila. This is the third time that I have contacted him and let him know that his dog is up under our house,” Mareno said

East Texas News was unable to get the neighbor’s side of the story because they were not home.

The couple also said they reached out to law enforcement hoping to get their neighbor to put their dog on a leash. However, there is no leash law out in the county.

"Even though there is no leash law, there are laws that if they are trying to attack a person or animal that would be different, and that’s where they could call the sheriff’s department and get animal control to go out there and investigate,” Mareno said.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said property damage doesn’t constitute as a threat to a person.

Fraser said he wasn't trying to hurt the dog.

"To protect my property and my grandkids," Fraser said.

He added it's unfortunate how the situation turned out. Fraser said he is in the process of filing a civil suit against his neighbor.

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