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Rogue Sonora Police unit targets migrant shelter


The leader of a humanitarian organization on the Arizona Mexico border is calling for an investigation into a raid and apparent robbery at a migrant shelter in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

The raid happened last Thursday night. Father Sean Carroll, who is the director of the Kino Border Initiative, said 10 Sonora State Police vehicles pulled up outside the shelter and the officers proceeded to rob the migrants.

"They took their money, took their phones. They assaulted them," said Carroll.

Carroll said after the rogue officers left, the family that runs the shelter called police. Within 40 minutes, the rogue officers returned.

"They said to the migrants, 'We know you called,' and took a photo of each one and threatened them," said Carroll.

CBS 5 Investigates traveled to the Nogales office of the Sonora State Police Department. A detective said the officers accused in the robbery are from Hermosillo and are part of a statewide rapid response team that came into Nogales last week. He said the commander of the unit was called to appear in court today as part of the investigation.

But later in the day, before the team from CBS 5 returned to the United States, they saw one of the Sonora State Police trucks involved in the robbery driving down the street in Nogales. The driver and passenger were dressed in dark blue police uniforms with ski masks covering their faces.

Father Sean Carroll said he is concerned for the safety of the family that runs the shelter as well as the other humanitarian groups that operate along the border.

"If it can happen to them, it can happen to any of us," said Carroll.

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