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Stranded casino ship free from sandbar, docked


The stranded casino ship "Escapade" is now free from the sandbar and has been docked at the Bull River Marina after being stranded for more than 24 hours. 

The ship freed itself using its own power around 12:30 p.m. Thursday and didn't need the help of a tugboat or any other emergency vessel.

Savannah's newest casino ship set sail on its maiden voyage Tuesday evening and ran aground on a sandbar while heading back to dock. A distress call went out to the Coast Guard shortly before midnight.   

The Coast Guard said a formal request had to be made from the owners of the Tradewinds ship, and that was not done in time. 

Coast Guard cutter boats and helicopters safely transferred 118 people off of the ship Wednesday evening. 

It took Coast Guard rescuers a couple of hours to get all of the passengers off the ship. Most of them were taken back to shore by boats, but four others had to be airlifted out because they could not make the leap from the ship to the rescue boat.

There is still no word on when, or if, the boat will set sail again. 

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