What is Commit for Life?

Commit for Life is a partnership between you and the East Texas Blood Center that is focused on saving lives, today...and in the future.

Why Should I Commit for Life?

There is no substitute for blood. It has to come from one person in order to give to another. A critical number of voluntary donations are required every day to meet the need for blood in the East Texas region. However, we are consistently falling short, and falling short means we may not have enough blood for someone like.. Emily.

Beautiful, talented, smart and energetic: just a few of the words that describe Emily. She doesn't let her cancer get in her way. A 2002 recipient of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, she's quite an athlete, swimming and playing tennis and soccer. Regular blood transfusions help this lovely eight-year-old keep doing the things she loves, while still concentrating on getting well.

How Do I Commit for Life?

  • Donate one time per quarter
  • Allow us to contact you
  • Spread the word

Donate one time per quarter:
We're asking you to take one hour of your time each quarter to help save lives...by donating blood.

Allow us to contact you:
We would like to be able to contact you from time to time to let you know how your commitment is making a difference. We'll give you information on news, stories, and your next appointment. You choose the way in which you would like to be contacted: email, phone, or mail.

Spread the Word:
Nothing is more powerful than hearing our message from someone who has Committed for Life. Talk to friends and family...get them involved.