John Outlaw Memorial Field completes face lift

John Outlaw Memorial Field completes face lift

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Schools all across East Texas always get excited about gearing up for the upcoming football season, but no one may be as excited as the Lufkin Panthers as they will be playing on a new football field.

The new turf on John Outlaw Memorial Field has been completely installed to give Abe Martin Stadium a new face.

Lufkin said they worked with the best to make the project happen. Show Sports Turf Company, who has also worked with NFL teams including the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens, pieced the field together.

Head football coach Todd Quick said the new field exceeded their expectations.

"We're excited about it because it's going to be a whole lot safer for our kids, it has a lot more cushion. It's pretty, it looks good and it makes the stadium look real good," said Coach Quick.

The players showed their excitement to see the field when they had a conditioning session Friday morning.

"This morning at 7, we were supposed to be on it but it was raining so we couldn't go on it. We had a little higher attendance this morning knowing they were going to come out there," said Coach Quick. "We'll get on it, and they'll love it, and the people of Lufkin will love it. We're just really excited about it."

The football team will practice on the field occasionally, but it will be open for the public during the Panthers home opener against the Longview Lobos, August 29th.

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