Nacogdoches landmark gets facelift

Nacogdoches landmark gets facelift

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Clay House in Nacogdoches is hanging on by a thread. In May, the Texas landmark was put on the state's most endangered historical sites list. A group in Nacogdoches is hoping to change all that for the oldest building in the Zion Hill neighborhood..

"The first thing that I heard is that it was going to be demolished," said resident Charlotte Stokes. "We as a group, The African American Heritage Project got busy and we said we going to save this place."

And save it they have. The group went to the city and bought the property. They soon raised $6,000 and met Charles Phillips, a historical architect. Phillips would look at the house and find an interest in it.

Seeing work done to the house brings back memories for those who remember the house in its prime.

"We would stop here and [the Clay sisters] would read to us, serve refreshments, and instill values and morals," said Justice of the Peace Dorothy Tinger-Thompson. "In other words, they were our parents away from home."

The work on the house is doing more than just restoration; It's bringing a town together.

"What we are doing is involving the community in the work," Phillips said. "It's a process of community building and bringing the community closer together and more tightly engaged."

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