Pollok neighborhood using eyes and ears to fight crime

Pollok neighborhood using eyes and ears to fight crime

The Pollok community is taking a zero stance toward crime.

"We are nosey neighbors," said Bill Spencer, homeowner.

The small community is using their eyes and ears to fight off those looking to harm their neighbors. Spencer said the idea to form a neighborhood watch group came about last October, when the area started seeing an increase in burglaries. Since then 40 household have joined the nationally registered watch group. The nosey neighbors go to great lengths to keep their neighborhood crime free

"We have a very aggressive approach and by aggressive I mean we watch every vehicle that comes through our neighborhood. The other day one came by driving slow and I didn't recognize it. So I decided to follow them down Durant Road and get a license number," Spencer said.

The information gathered is then emailed or texted to everyone in the neighborhood.

"So every member knows that there is a suspicious vehicle in the area or something isn't right," Spencer said.

The information isn't just for neighbors it's then forward to their sister group the 4 corners and to law enforcement. Spencer said watching out for one another is their number one priority and it has paid off. Just last week they were able to give law enforcement clues into an attempted burglary.

"and so this group has brought the neighborhood closer together," Spencer said.

Now they want intruders to think twice before stepping into their neighborhood.

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