Recent East Texas infant death sheds light on infant sleep safety

Recent East Texas infant death sheds light on infant sleep safety

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Saturday's death of an East Texas infant brings to light the need for infant sleep safety.

Sheri Pulliam with Texas Child Protective Service said in East Texas alone, at least 10 infants have died in the last seven months due to unsafe sleep environments. Pulliam said many caregiver may not realize how one mistake could be deadly.

"You don't need any blankets, pillows or stuff animals in the crib,” Pulliam said.

She further explained these mistake are common among those who aren't the child's primary caregiver. These items might be placed next to the child to keep them from crying. A common mistake parents make is sleeping with their infant.

"I think a lot of parents want to be close to their child especially when they are a newborn baby. They want to make sure that the child is safe during the night so they want to put the child in the bed with them and that is the worst place that the child could sleep," Pulliam said.

So before putting your infant to sleep Pulliam said know your sleep abc's.

A. The child should sleep alone

B. On their backs with no blankets or bedding

C. In a crib in a cool room about 70 degrees

D. In a smoke free environment

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