Ala. man who was spotted in East Texas while on run found guilty of all counts of molesting girl

Ala. man who was spotted in East Texas while on run found guilty of all counts of molesting girl

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An Alabama man charged with transporting a minor over state lines in order to have sexual relations with her was found guilty on all counts in a federal courthouse in Montgomery earlier this month.

Charles Dean Partin, 58, of Clayton, was convicted of taking the now 15-year-old girl to Tennessee and Ohio where he sexually assaulted her. He was also convicted of transporting a stolen vehicle over state lines.

George L. Beck, Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, says Partin started molesting the girl when she was 8-years-old.

The victim became pregnant with Partin's child, DNA later proved, when she was 14.

The girl was placed in DHR custody following an investigation by Tennessee law enforcement in September 2012 in which an employee at a campground reported what he believe to be sex between Partin and the victim.

Authorities say Partin knew or believed he was being investigated by DHR for having an improper relationship with the minor when he abducted the girl from DHR custody and made plans to travel to Mexico.

The abduction sparked an Amber Alert and Partin was ultimately found in Ohio.

While he was on the run from authorities in September 2012, Partin and his family were spotted in San Augustine. According to San Augustine County Sheriff David Smith, the pastor of San Augustine’s First Baptist Church said Partin came to his church seeking gas money.

Because it was standard protocol when giving away money, the preacher copied Partin’s driver’s license.

Smith said Partin got back into a green minivan and drove off with a woman and six children. He said he stopped at a Brookshire Brothers on State Highway 21 to get gas before heading west.

San Augustine County Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham says the preacher said everyone seemed okay in the van, and no one seemed distressed.

Intelligence shows they used food stamps in the Beaumont area, Smith said.

Pastor Chet Hensley said he normally Googles names of people asking for help before he gives it to them. This time he did not.

"I had a hand in getting them away from here," Hensley said. "I had a part in not detaining them. Well my heart just goes out to whoever may be affected."

"If I would've known something was wrong, I would've followed them," he said. "I would've driven behind them. And just got police on the phone and stayed there with them."

Hensley said he visited with the couple for a little while, but the girl stayed in the vehicle.

"I talked to them a little bit," he said. "He indicated that something had happened in the life of his oldest daughter regarding her salvation. So I wanted to talk to her about it and see how that was going. So I just leaned into the van and talked to her a little bit. She didn't indicated there was anything troubling her. She had the opportunity to say I need help. She had the opportunity to say anything."

A federal judge had previously refused to throw out the case against Partin and his motion for acquittal was also denied.

Partin faces a sentence of at least 10 years in federal prison, plus fines and probation.

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