Shelby Co. man arrested for stealing neighbor's bull, selling it at sale barn

Shelby Co. man arrested for stealing neighbor's bull, selling it at sale barn

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (News Release) - A Shelby County man turned himself in to authorities Monday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with felony theft of livestock and was released on a $4,000 bond.

Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Larry Hand assisted Shelby County Sheriff's Office investigators Kevin Windham, DJ Dickerson, and Constable Stanley Burgay in this investigation.

The suspect, Hollis Neel Farris, 53, a rancher and poultry producer, was accused of taking his neighbor's stray bull to an east Texas sale barn, pocketing the funds, and denying to the victim ever seeing the bull after selling it.

TSCRA Market Inspector Pat McGuigan was able to locate sales records implicating Farris, who cooperated with investigators when confronted. Hand was able to track the bull through four counties to a feeder cattle operation and made a positive identification based on distinct earmarks and sales records.

"This case is a good example of local law enforcement and TSCRA working closely together for the protection of ranchers," Hand said.

Hand advises ranchers to brand their livestock, so they can be more easily tracked and identified if stolen. He also warns ranchers and the public that all stray cattle in Texas must be reported to their local sheriff's department.

TSCRA has 30 special rangers stationed strategically throughout Texas and Oklahoma who have in-depth knowledge of the cattle industry and are trained in all facets of law enforcement. All are commissioned as Special Rangers by the Texas Department of Public Safety and/or the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.