Family Crisis Center of East Texas needs help

Family Crisis Center of East Texas needs help

The Family Crisis Center of East Texas thrift store is located at 500 block of South Timberland.On a typical day the hangers at the store are filled with clothes, but Monday morning store employees didn't have any clothes to hang on them.

Donna Cornwall donates clothes to the store on a monthly basis. She said it’s a shame that more people don’t donate.

"There are so many people in this community that I know have clothes in their closet that someone else can use," Cornwall said.

Heather Kartye with The Family Crisis Center of East Texas said no donations means no money.

"We are dependent on our thrift store. The store generates unrestricted revenue for our agency," Kartye said.

The revenue generated goes towards programs that helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Kartye said the state and federal funding that the center receives is not consistent and it restricts them on how they can help those in need.

She further explained unrestricted revenue plays a vital part in the agency work.

"We have had clients who needed a new tire on their car and that's something that our grants won’t pay for but it can be a huge barrier. How can someone go out and find a place to live and a job if they don’t have reliable transportation," Kartye said.

Cornwall said she keeps a box in her closet that helps her with the donation process.

"Things in my closet that I don’t wear goes into the box and when I get enough I bring it to donate," Cornwall said.

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