Rain causing problems for East Texas lawns

Rain causing problems for East Texas lawns

The warm climate and moisture from recent rains has created a breeding ground for diseases.

"You will have gray leaf spots, rings of mushrooms, brown spots,” said Ricky Thompson, ag agent with AgriLife Extension.

He further explained that things like brown spots and root rot can tear up your property.

“Typically in root rot you will have dark discoloration. What ends up happening is that the root is no longer able to collect nutrients, Thompson said.

The damage done can be pretty serious and can take up to several months to repair. Thompson said most homeowners don't notice until the damage is done. Unfortunately they then end up over compensating for the damage.

"The first thing they end up doing is water it and fertilize it to make it better but that's the worst thing that they can do. This is because these disease can be more active during fertility time and high moisture time," Thompson said.

At this point the best thing to do is to back off on watering the area and treat the disease with a broad spectrum of fungicide. Thompson said unfortunately it's hard to prevent this from happening, but the best thing homeowners can do is monitor their lawn.

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