2-year-old Polk Co. girl drowns in family pool 2 weeks after father dies

2-year-old Polk Co. girl drowns in family pool 2 weeks after father dies
Source: Fults family
Source: Fults family

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Polk County family is holding onto hope after a two-year old drowned Wednesday.

Family members confirmed that Lillian Fults somehow snuck out of the family's home and got into their above-ground swimming pool.

"I don't know how you can really do anything, but you know, just watch them as close as you can," said Grandfather Robert Self.

The accident happens at an already emotional time. Family members say Lillian's father Tim Fults died two weeks ago after suffering a heart attack.

Tim's close friend Robbie Dennis said that he is trying to rely on family support but the loss of the person he said was like a brother is still hard to deal with.

"I miss his phone calls because we were both on the road," Dennis said. "He would call me to make sure I got to where I needed to be. It's been pretty tough."

Despite the tragedy, the Fults family said they are making it through the tough time knowing the special bond that Lillian and Tim held.

"They were stuck like glue," Self said. "One couldn't go anywhere without the other."

Dennis said his friendship with Tim changed once Lillian was born but it didn't bother him.

"You couldn't get them apart," Dennis said. "From the day she was born he loved that girl so much. She was his shadow."

When asked how to describe the two, both Self and Dennis said there was only one word.

"They were both just angels from heaven," Dennis said. "You never know when you are going to lose a loved one. Cherish what you have because they are presents from God."

Self said that the death of Tim and Lillian has worn on the family's finances. The family has a benefit planned for August 23. The family will be selling hamburgers and hotdogs and will have a raffle including a deer feeder, outdoor grill and many more items. The event will be at 6755 fm 942 in Livingston.

The family also has several donation sites set up. You can give a donation at the First National Bank in Livingston, or go to one of to gofundme pages.

Polk County Sheriff cpt. Ricky Childress said that the investigation is ongoing, but the girl's death appears to be accidental.

The body has been sent to the Harris County Medical Examiners Office for the autopsy.

"We won't know for sure about the cause until the final report comes back, but right now, it appears to be just a really tragic accident," Childress said.

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