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L'Damian Washington fighting to make Cowboys roster

While most of the focus in training camp is on starters and key contributors, rookies are on the same field fighting to make a name for themselves. in the case of rookie wide receiver L'Damian Washington, who has lost both his parents, he's fighting for much more than roster spot.

Rookie receiver L'Damian Washington is honest when talking about his place on the Cowboys depth chart. "You know as a rookie free agent I am basically already cut," Washington said.

That doesn't mean Washington will go down without a fight. He's been a fighter his entire life. Washington's father was killed when he was five, and his mother died when he was 15. That left Washington and his three brothers on their own.

"I think for him to be able to overcome all the obstacles that life gave him and be the kind of man he has been the last four to five years is just really incredible and its an inspiration to anybody," Cowboys wide receiver coach Derek Dooley said. 

Washington added, "You know going to and being the first to graduate is kind of having me chance to get us out of the situation that we are in. I know  its either make this team or go back to living on my brothers couch or whatever." Washington went on to say, "That's the fact of what I am living with you know its kind of like the Hunger Games. Every day you get back to living on the couch or you go and try to make this team."

It was a surprise to Washington when he went undrafted in May. As a free agent the Shreveport native had better offers, but he chose he family's favorite team. "I kind of let my family down a little bit by not being drafted," Washington said. "I am the leader of my household for my brothers back home.  My brothers are die hard Cowboy fans so I thought one of the best ways to kind of make up for them and try to make the Cowboys."

It's been a dream come true to wear a Cowboys jersey, but Washington hopes he doesn't have to give it back. "I'm a Cowboy, but I'm really trying hard to earn a roster spot you know and be a Dallas Cowboy," Washington said. "Right now its just kind of like preventing them from pulling the plug at any day right now. I go out everyday and hold them off and try to make the team."

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