Nacogdoches Co. residents show up in droves to voice their opinion on the I-69 project

Nacogdoches Co. residents show up in droves to voice their opinion on the I-69 project
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County residents filled the civic center by the droves Tuesday evening to voice their opinions and concerns to the Texas Department of Transportation about the future Interstate 69 expansion project.

It was a chance for TxDOT to get the public's opinion about what direction the 69 project should go.

TxDOT officials were on-site at the Nacogdoches Civic Center to answer questions from concerned citizens and explain one of two proposed options for the expansion of US 59.

Option one is to expand 59 to four lanes with no frontage roads in a new location starting near Woodland Hills Drive, passing east of the airport and connecting back to the existing 59 lanes at US 259.

While option two is to upgrade 59 where it is from Nacogdoches to us 259 by widening to four lanes with frontage roads.

Last year 70 percent of the public supported expanding the current 59 lanes.

Property owners were huddled around huge maps, locating their property and trying to see just how 59 might impact their homes.

The opinions range from people afraid they could lose their dream home to others who aren't that concerned because it could be five years or more before it gets to them.

Mel Hawkins says the proposed new route will go right through his property and his dream home.

"I've been building a new house going on this will be my third year come September. My dream house for my wife and I. I'm doing it myself so it's built like it's supposed to be. It gets all my seven and 1/3 acres. It goes right over the top of it," said Hawkins.

"I like the new location much better," said Nacogdoches County resident Adrienne Lane. "I think it's a lot cheaper and easier. You may have to buy some farm but what can you do? Over here [on the expansion proposal] there would be way too many business to buy out."

"I learned that right now it's not going to affect us because the plans haven't go that far and so what we were told is that we have possibly as much as five years before the project will come our way," said Judy Bennett who lives in Appleby.

Right now there is nothing definite happening with the 69 project. TxDOT says that they do not have funding to go forward with these projects and there is no time frame known in which the expansion could move forward.

If you want to learn more about the project and how it might affect you go here:

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