Restaurant Reports - Angelina County - 7/31/14

Mexico Express, 1603 W. Frank St.: 23 demerits for cold hold, must have ACCHD FM on site at all times, label/date food, paint all bare wood high-gloss enamel, light colored, repair floors in bathroom and in walk-in cooler, clean fan covers in walk-in, clean ceiling vents throughout establishment, clean floors in walk-in and kitchen, clean, wipe down and re-paint walls, manual warewashing must be at 200 ppm, do not store food directly in grocery bags, do not use rags for tortilla dough.

Huntington Meat Market and Deli, 481 N. Third St.: 19 demerits for hot hold must hold above 135 degrees, remove expired products from shelves, clean under fryers, clean drain under drink station, do not thaw/cool food in ice water, adjust back door, food grade containers required, store scoops properly.

Casa Morales II, 4515 Hwy 59 North: 17 demerits for proper cooling, cold hold, clean vent hood filters, clean fan covers in walk-in cooler, clean dishwasher, repair leak outside building, need current inspection on aerobic system.

Dee Dee Donuts, 2213 E. Denman Ave.: 15 demerits for need current food handler cards from ACCHD, ACCHD food manager needed on site at all times, paint all bare wood, clean under prep tables, clean inside Coca-Cola cooler, do not store food directly in grocery bags, do not store utensils behind electrical conduits, handsinks must be accessible.

Taqueria Don Chepe, 916 N. Timberland Drive: 14 demerits for do not leave personal items in food prep areas, do not leave dishes un-washed overnight, need food manager on-stie at all times, clean storage areas, clean inside reach-in cooler, clean venthood filters, handsinks for handwashing only, remove fly strips.

Brookshire Brothers #1 Deli, 301 S. Chestnut St.: 10 demerits for clean inside prep cooler and under equipment, handsinks need paper towels, manual warewashing must be at 200 ppm.

Vasquez Restaurant El Jaripo, 589 N. Main St., Huntington: 10 demerits for do not store drinks in ice machine, use proper procedure, manual warewashing must be at 200 ppm, mechanical warewashing must be between 50 and 100 ppm.

Taco Bueno, 2408 S. First St.: Six demerits for handsinks for handwashing only, quat. sanitizer must be at 200 ppm.

Burger King, 2402 S. First St.: Four demerits for no jewelry in kitchen prep areas, FM needed on site at all times.

Skate Ranch: 5012 Lotus Ln: Three demerits for manual warewashing must be between 50 and 100 ppm.

Dairy Queen, 2305 Atkinson Drive: No demerits.

Brookshire Bros. #35, 223 N. Temple Drive, Diboll: No demerits.