City of Houston and Texans players confident in new quarterback situation

City of Houston and Texans players confident in new quarterback situation

HOUSTON, TX (KTRE) - As a new player taking over one of the biggest leadership roles on the team is never easy, and taking over a program that is coming off a 2-14 season makes it that much harder.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has the honor of filling in those duties as he will be the starting quarterback this year for the Houston Texans.

Former quarterback Matt Schaub was given the boot last season after he left a bad taste in the mouths of Texans fans, but those fans and Fitzpatrick's teammates said they're confident he can step up after training camp workouts on Wednesday.

"I think he's handling it pretty well. All he can do is be the best teammate he can be, and make sure he's in the meeting rooms, and is in the weight room," said wide receiver Uzoma Nwachukwu. "He's a good guy, he brings a lot of laughter to this team, and I think he's doing a pretty good job."

Fitzpatrick's main target this season will be veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson who was sidelined again in Wednesday's practice with a hamstring injury. However, that gave other receivers several reps with Fitzpatrick to build up their team chemistry.

"I think it's pretty good because Fitzpatrick, along with Coach O'Brien, they're all about details and they're all about making sure you got the right depth, and you got the right splits," said Nwachukwu. "He's a technician, and that's what we need for this team."

If Fitzpatrick doesn't want to let the ball fly, he can pass it off to running back Arian Foster who was back in action at the camp Wednesday after tweaking his hamstring last Sunday.

Foster wouldn't give any update on how he felt, but he was adamant he was working towards one thing.

"I'm just being the best teammate you can be. I'm just working hard at that every single day. That's what we're out here trying to do," said Foster.

While Fitzpatrick's role is respected among his teammates, it's also respected among the Houston fans who are known to be very vocal when it comes to previous quarterback situations.

"He's good in the pocket, he has a very good arm, he's accurate, and he knows the game," said Darren Cherry, a Texans fan at the training camp. "He's coming to a franchise, we love this city, and for the Texans we love our field. He needs to step up and take us to where we were 2 years ago."

In other words, the fans are hoping a playoff run is in the near future.

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