Texas man's life celebrated in Lufkin Mural

Texas man's life celebrated in Lufkin Mural

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Durell Gray is one of a few people whose picture graces a wall in downtown Lufkin. His picture sits at the corner of Frank and First Street.

So how did the now 86-year-old man get his picture painted on a wall scene by hundreds every day? It all started while Gray worked as a lineman for the Lufkin Conroe Telephone Company. He said one day he received a letter in the mail from his employer asking for his help.

"They contacted us asking us if any lineman had a picture with their gear on," Gray said. “I had one picture I knew of at the time, so I sent it in, there might have been more picture submitted ”

The picture made its way to the cover of the company’s phonebook, and then soon after it landed onto the side of The Lufkin Park and Rec building.

The mural has been around for about two decades, but this is the second time Gray has seen it, and the first time his family has laid their eyes on it. Gray's son David said seeing the mural for the first time is truly something special.

"My sister ginger came up with the idea that we needed to get some picture of him with the mural so we did it for his birthday," David said.

For Gray it's a birthday gift he will never forget. While posing for picture Gray got a chance to try on some of his work gear and believe it or not, it still fit him almost fifty years later. His children said it’s really rewarding to see someone recognize their dad. A man who has worked hard every single day of his life.

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