Hudson couple builds family home out of Styrofoam

Hudson couple builds family home out of Styrofoam
Shannon and Lesa Cockrell working on their Styrofoam home.
Shannon and Lesa Cockrell working on their Styrofoam home.

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A Hudson couple is taking a unique spin on home building by using an environmentally friendly method to build their family home.

Shannon and Lesa Cockrell are teachers at Hudson High School, but this summer they have taken on a new job.

"My wife and I, both of us teach, and we're always telling our kids do something different, make a difference in something," Shannon Cockrell said.

They are doing exactly that by using Styrofoam blocks to frame their 1,400 square foot home.

"We decided this is something we want to do. To one help our environment and two to make it economically possible for all of us to afford housing," Shannon said.

The Styrofoam blocks are environmentally friendly replacements for wood and insulation, which ultimately saves home owners an abundant amount of money.

"It's safer, it's more secure you get better energy efficiency," Shannon said.

While Styrofoam is a fragile material by its self, it holds up against Mother Nature very well. Shannon says it's as sturdy if not more than your average wood or brick home.

"They don't rot, they won't mildew, they with stand 200 mile an hour winds," Shannon said.  

He also said since there is no wood you don't have to worry about those pesky termites or roaches...

Shannon and Lesa are building the house themselves with the help of one other person and say the blocks are so easy to install that all you need is some tape and spray foam.

"My wife and I are not contractors and we are not home builders at all and we can have these walls built in about a week, week and a half," Shannon said.

While the structure is different, the outside won't look any different than a normal home. Shannon said you can cover the Styrofoam with stucco, brick, siding or whatever else you want.

After, the Cockrell's are done with the frame structure of their home, they will spray it with stucco and add some stone finishes.

"It's something that is going to be here, it's safe for your family, and it's protecting your family. You pour the concrete down inside of them and they are never going to move," Shannon said.

The home will end up costing the Cockrell's a little less than $100,000, which they say is $50,000 cheaper to build than a home made of wood or brick.

The house is scheduled to be complete by late November.

The Cockrell's are working with a company out of Utah called, Smart Blocks and say they are more than willing to talk with anyone that is interested in building with Smart Blocks.

Smart Blocks is a company owned and operated by disabled veterans, which the Cockrell's say is one reason they decided to go with the Smart Blocks company.

You can email them at or visit them at their Facebook page.

They said you can also follow their progress on Facebook.

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