Puppies found in hot car up for adoption

Puppies found in hot car up for adoption

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The six pit bull puppies found in a hot car on Monday will soon be put up for adoption.

The Kurth Animal Shelter said the puppies made a full recovery after being left in a hot, and they are now awaiting their forever home.

"They're back to being puppies," Flores said. "They're learning that they can eat and drink on their own. They downed water as soon as they got in the kennel."

Hudson Police Chief Jimmy Casper said officers were called out to the Hudson Green Apartments Monday morning around 10:45. Casper said there were reports of crying puppies outside in a car.

"Bystanders told us that the vehicle had been there all night and that they heard puppies inside," Burton said. "I arrived and found the six puppies in the car with all the windows up."

"I was kind of mad," Burton said. "We took the temperature outside of the car that day showed to be 93. Once we took it inside it showed 115 degrees."

When the puppies arrived at the Animal shelter in Lufkin, workers were surprised the puppies were responsive.

"I was surprised because it was very hot that day," said worker Esmeralda Flores.

Burton also a licensed paramedic with the Lufkin Fire Department said when they got on scene, he could tell they were barely hanging on.

"They were lying inside under the seats trying to find a cool spot," Burton said.

Flores said that people sometimes forget how fragile young animals can be.

"They're young and they don't have their momma to take care of them," Flores said. "The human eye misses so much with the animals that the actual animal mother can pick up on."

Casper said Hudson police are still trying to identify who left the puppies in that car, but they did leave a citation when they left the scene. He added if they are able to get a positive identification on the subject, harsher charges could come.

Police ask for anyone with information to call 936-875-3028.

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