New coaches for Crockett Bulldogs ignite winning mentality for upcoming football season: 'They want to win'

New coaches for Crockett Bulldogs ignite winning mentality for upcoming football season: 'They want to win'

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - It's a new football season for all the schools across East Texas, but it's a completely new coaching staff for the Crockett Bulldogs.

Practice started Monday to prepare for the upcoming high school football season. The team has gone through a 2-year drought from making the playoffs. The players say the coaching change came just in time to bring some spark to their team.

Hired on the staff this year is head coach Jimmy Thompson who is quite familiar with the East Texas area.

Thompson left Ganado High School, located in the South Texas region, but in his 29 years of coaching he's spent time in Mt. Pleasant and Garrison, winning a state title for the bulldogs in 2003.

"It's good to be back home and getting to play Garrison, getting to play Corrigan, getting to play teams where I've kept up with for years and years. It's always exciting," said Thompson. "You play to win. It will be fun, but you play to win."

That mentality is what the Crockett Bulldogs say they have been looking to get into after winning just three games last year.

"I got very high expectations for the team right now. I think we're going to go all the way. That's my feeling," said Shamar Wiley Harries, a junior who plays corner and running back. "They a lot of experience and they know what they're going. I believe that's going to make a big difference for the team."

"I'm feeling good. I don't know why I'm feeling good about this season, but I feel like they (the coaches) want to win and they're going to do anything in their power to help us, and put us in the right position to make plays," said Latreveounce Bell, a senior nose guard on the team.

Putting the Bulldogs in a position to win with a new style of play will come with its challenges, but Thompson said he expects success for Crockett this season either way.

"I think as a coach that's what you have to do is find out what your kids can do and put them in a position to do it and be successful," said Thompson.

The first game for the Bulldogs will be August 29th against Alto. That game will be played in Crockett at 7:30 p.m.

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