SFA head football coach and his son tackle 2014 season together

SFA head football coach and his son tackle 2014 season together

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's a relationship you don't see often at the collegiate level.

Two of the biggest leadership roles are held by the head coach and the quarterback. The two holding those positions at Stephen F. Austin are father Clint Conque, and son Zach Conque.

Zach is the coaches' son, but Clint said the decision of selecting this year's starting quarterback was ultimately in the hands of their offensive coordinator Matt Kubik

"He's a prototypical, professional looking quarterback. I mean he's 6'6'', 230 lbs, he runs really well, throws the ball well, he's smart, he's pretty much everything you look for in a quarterback," said Kubik. "Now we got to see when the bullets start flying if he can handle all that. It's two totally different deals from practice to the game, but we're confident he can get it done."

While many parents dream of working alongside their children, Clint said in the tense moments football can throw your way, he has to coach his son with caution.

"I got to be careful as his father not to push him too hard. He's a very competitive young man. He's prepared himself well so he doesn't really need me on him too bad, but I got to watch and make sure I restrain myself," said Clint. "Other than that, it's a pleasure to see him every day. I can say that as a dad and I'll cherish this time together."

That time together both on and off the field is something Zach values with his father as well.

"I get to come in, day in and day out, and work with a guy that I love and he makes it fun for me," said Zach. "Seeing him on the practice field makes me realize how blessed I am to come in and see him every day."

The coaches, and his father certainly have high expectations for Zach's performance, but so do the players that stand beside him every drive in between the lines.

"He came in, had to compete, and did what he had to do," said running back Gus Johnson. "He won the job and ever since then he doesn't want to give it up. He comes out every day, he works hard, and it makes us better as an offense when you have a quarterback that can do that."

"My dream was always to be a starting quarterback at a D1 school. Now it's here, and I'm definitely looking forward to it," said Zach.

Zach in only a sophomore with three years of eligibility left to play. His father Clint expects Zach will go through some growing pains, but said he will mature through the process and get the job done.

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