Polk Co. pot farmers getting resourceful

Polk Co. pot farmers getting resourceful

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Polk County Sheriff's Office has some much-needed answers, after closing down a pot farm in the southeast corner of Polk County Tuesday.

This past weekend authorities were tipped off about a pot farm located off of FM 943. This tip is something that Polk County Chief Deputy Byron Lyons knew could lead to a big bust. He said law enforcement wasted no time searching the area through air and ground searches.

"We did find a total of six fields and were able to recover somewhere around 6,500 marijuana plants," Lyons said. “It's a lot easier for them to grow the marijuana here in the United States than it is for them to try to smuggle it in."

This discovery happened just two weeks after Polk County deputies discovered and confiscated more than 100,000 plants from fields south of Livingston in the community of Goodrich.

Lyons said it's too early to tell if the two fields are related. However, he said there are a lot of similarities.

"They're finding places that are not populated,” Lyons said. “They're looking for areas such as deer leases and pasture land were people are not there all the time.”

Lyons said the Goodrich pot farm was set up near a creek.

"So they can pump water through the creek and pump it to the field," Lyons said.

The latest field is somewhat unique in the fact that it wasn't located near a major water source.

"They just set up camp and cut out a patch of trees,” Lyons said.

When it came to water, they were pretty resourceful.

“We found where they were pumping water from a well,” Lyons said.

Cary Sims, Angelina County's Agrilife extension agent, said a lot of the time, criminals can create an environment that will help them grow marijuana.

“If you create the right conditions, you can grow plants in a lot of areas where they are not naturally adapted to," Sims said.Mal

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