Diboll looks to bounce back after disappointing football season: 'We have one goal, and that's to win.'

Diboll looks to bounce back after disappointing football season: 'We have one goal, and that's to win.'

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Taking over a football program is never easy, and taking over a team that won just one game last season doesn't make the job any easier.

Coming from Coldspring, new Diboll head coach Blake Morrison said there are certain steps that must be taken before you start talking football.

"They got to establish an identity. We got to get these kids a little tougher. We're really pushing hard on the discipline part of the game and taking care of the small things. Hopefully the small things will take care of the big things," said Morrison.

Morrison firmly believes the talent on their team was not reflective on last year's 1-10 record.

"To tell you the truth, the potential is as far as they want to go," said Morrison. "We have the ingredients out here to be a successful football program. They just got to learn how to defeat themselves first, believe in themselves, believe in their teammates, and after that good things are going to happen."

The players are not letting last year's season haunt them. Instead, they are utilizing that nightmare of a season in other ways.

"Last year, we took that loss pretty hard. I think we will carry it into this season and we'll use it for motivation to come beat the teams," said junior quarterback Kevin Hurley.

The upperclassmen said the new coaching staff has brought a breath of fresh air to the team, as they have pushed the Lumberjacks to have a winning mentality.

"It's a great coaching staff that came from Coldspring. They're one of the best coaching staffs I've had in a long time," said senior running back Deverick Thompson. "Our coach brings a lot of enthusiasm, and the assistant coaches are great. They keep us working hard. They keep us going. They push us beyond our limits and that's what I like. That's what we need to be a winning Diboll, Texas."

"We have one goal, and that's to win. Sometimes winning is ugly. Sometimes winning is pretty, but a win's a win. That is our goal, to win football games," said Morrison.

Morrison said the experience his players have will lead the Lumberjacks to victory, and he thinks their new Multiple Wing offense will get them more points on the board.

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