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Jasper girl with incurable disorder wants birthday cards from across the world

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JASPER, TX (KTRE) - Nine year-old Ali Najera only wants one thing for her birthday.

Ali suffers from a condition called neuroaxinal dystrophy, where iron accumulates on the brain.

"Knowing that it is going to kill her is hard,” said Ali’s mom, Tianna Morgan.

It's very progressive and incurable. Knowing that Sept. 9 may be her last birthday, Ali's mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Ali told her she wanted birthday cards from everywhere.

So Morgan started a Facebook page, and from there, the message spread.

"I really wasn't expecting it to go as viral as it has,” Morgan said. “Someone posted it on reddit.com, and that's just taken it. We've been getting messages from people in Finland, Israel, Great Britain, England, all over the place. She's gotten about 230 cards. We opened the PO Box for them to get cards and every time they receive cards, and it's all the kids, they just have this huge smile on their face."

Tianna's goal for her daughter is to give her a card from every state and multiple countries.

Ali’s favorite card so far is from a woman in Canada.

“I was excited when it came in,” Ali said.

Ali recently lost the use of her legs. Morgan said that the cards have kept her spirits high.

"We're going to live each day to the fullest with her,” Morgan said. We're going to make sure she can do as much as she can do."

If you would like to send a card to Ali, you can send it to PO Box 2586 Jasper, TX 75951.

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