El Nino could make things soggy for East Texans

El Nino could make things soggy for East Texans

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The fall forecast is in and it looks like 2014 will come to a soggy end for East Texans.

According to the National Weather Center, this year most of Texas will be experiencing El Nino, which will bring a wave of heavy rains and winds in the coming months.

"Typical when we have had previous El Ninos we have had a wetter and cooler fall and winter season than what we normally see," said KTRE Chief Meteorologist, Brad Hlozek.

The last time East Texas saw an El Nino was back in 2009 when the Angelina County Airport received a little more than 15 inches of rain in one month.

"That was actually the second wettest October of all time in East Texas, and I remember we had Chopper 9 up, and we were looking at rivers creeks and bayous that had kind of over flown their banks," Hlozek said.

However, this year's El Nino isn't expected to be quite as strong, but as many homeowners know those conditions added to the vast amount of forestry throughout East Texas could lead to a disastrous mix.

"Heavy rains can loosen the soil and make the soil to where it is pretty unstable. Then once the wind gets up at a high rate, it gets the tree to swaying and rocking back in forth, which can make it a lot easier to u root," said Owner of JP Abner Stump Grinding, Justin Abner, the owner of JP Abner Stump Grinding.

Trees are one of the main causes of damage to a home during a storm, and if they aren't taken care of beforehand, it could cost you a lot of money.

"I've seen them damage cars, total cars, they will totally tare house down to the slab," Abner said.

There are a few things you should look for when determining if your home is at risk for tree damage:

  • branches and limbs hanging over your home, garage or street
  • tree leaning towards your home
  • rising soil around a specific tree
  • dead tree or tree limbs

Experts also advise people not to trim or take a tree down without the help of a professional.

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