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Bet he didn't 'plan' this

It's taken three months, but a Diboll woman who almost saw her wedding turn into a nightmare may be resting easier tonight. That's because her wedding planner is behind bars after she pressed charges against him, alleging he didn't do what he was paid for. At 6, Cheyenne Simpson explains how a wedding planner can do such a bad job that it lands him in jail.

 Another man paid for a service found himself behind bars following a shoddy roofing job. Caleb Beames explains how bad it was at 6.

 Undocumented immigrants, brought to the US as young children, continue to have an opportunity to study and work. Tomorrow, the second anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals will be observed in Texas. Donna McCollum has that report at 6.

 Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor

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