4 people allegedly kidnap Diboll man, hit, kick, choke, sic dog on him

4 people allegedly kidnap Diboll man, hit, kick, choke, sic dog on him
Source: Lufkin Crime Stoppers
Source: Lufkin Crime Stoppers

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Authorities are still searching for the last suspect in a case where a group of four people allegedly kidnapped a man from his Diboll residence and took him to another home, where they hit, kicked, and choked him. They also allegedly caused a dog to attack the man.

The Diboll Police Department is working with Lufkin Crime Stoppers to get the word out about David Charles Dailey, 43, who is still at large.

A Diboll PD investigation found that Dailey, Shalena Nasha Faulk, Benny Dewayne Free, and Antone James-Leslie Hereaux kidnapped Matthew Lopez from his home and held him at another residence, according to a press release from Lufkin Crime Stoppers.

"I thought I was not going to make it home," Lopez said. "I thought I was going to die at the time."

While they held Lopez there, the quartet of suspects allegedly hit, kicked, and choked the man. In addition, they caused a dog to attack him, according to the press release.

Hereaux, 25, of Orange, and Faulk, 24, of Huntington, were arrested by the Lufkin Police Department on Saturday on felony arrest warrants for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and aggravated assault. Free, 22, of Diboll, was arrested the next day on felony arrest warrants for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

"I think somebody else put him up to it just to join the Aryan Brotherhood," Lopez said.

Both Faulk and Hereaux have collective bail amounts of $200,000. No bail has been set for Free at this time.

The Lufkin Crime Stoppers press release said that Dailey is 6-foot-2 and weighs 185 pounds. He is wanted on felony arrest warrants for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

“Never attempt to apprehend any suspect yourself; doing so may be dangerous, and Crime Stoppers will not pay a reward to anyone involved in such action, the press release stated.

Anyone who knows Dailey's current whereabouts or can provide information that might lead to his capture is urged to call Lufkin Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit at tip at www.LufkinCrimeStoppers.com. All calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward if the information leads to Dailey's arrest.

"Sunday, they thought they had a spotting of him out by the airport," said Interim Police Chief Steve Baker. "They checked that out, the sheriff's office did, and wasn't able to locate him, but we keep getting tips that he is still in the area."

According to the police report, Lopez told police he was awaken in the early morning hours of July 26 by his dog barking. He went outside and was approached by Hereaux and Dailey in his back yard.

Lopez said they asked him if he was a sex offender and before he could answer, Hereaux struck him in the head, knocking him almost unconscious. He said Hereaux and Dailey then carried him to a home on the 300 block of Farrington Street. He said Hereaux and Dailey took him to a back room of the home, where Free and Faulk (Hereaux's wife) were waiting. He said they forced him into a corner and Hereaux asked him if he was a sex offender and Hereaux began to punch, choke, and kick him.

"They'd kill my family if I went to the cops," Lopez said. "That put my family in jeopardy pretty much. What was I supposed to do about it?"

Lopez said while Hereaux was assaulting him, Faulk tried to take his phone. Lopez said he tried to kick Faulk and Hereaux away from him and that he struck Faulk in the face. He said Faulk then began to tell Hereaux to take his phone and to beat him more.

Lopez said Hereaux stopped beating him and Dailey started to punch and kick him. Lopez said Dailey stopped and Free began to punch and kick him. Lopez said Hereaux told Free to go get the pit bulls.

Lopez said Free returned with a white pit bull and the quartet tried to get the dog to attack him, but it only sniffed him. They then became angry at the dog and told it they should kill it also, Lopez said.

Lopez said Free got a brown pit bull and when he brought it in the room, the two dogs started to fight. He said while the four were trying to separate the dogs, Lopez made a run for the door. He said the brown pit bull went after him and caught him at the front door and attacked him.

Lopez said the dog bit his lower leg and foot, causing him injuries. He said Hereaux caught him at the front door, and the dog and Hereaux took him to the ground. He said all four of them surrounded him and began to beat him. He said Dailey got something from a car and was waiting outside with the trunk open. He said Dailey punched him in the head, almost knocking him out and splitting his eye open.

Lopez said he laid on the ground, screaming for help but nobody came. He said Hereaux got on his back and began to choke him, almost making him pass out. He said Faulk started telling the others to kill him and dump his body, but Hereaux told Lopez told him if he went to police or told anyone else they would kill him and his family.

Lopez had to go to the hospital for injuries he sustained in the beating and dog attack, including puncture wounds to his lower leg and foot, a laceration to his left eye, and a fracture to his left cheekbone.

Baker said Lopez is not a registered sex offender.

"I handle those cases, and he has never been in here for that," Baker said.

Baker also hopes this was an isolated incident.

"Probably not on the scale you see in the larger cities, but we do have the same crimes," Baker said. "As far as kidnapping and assault of this nature, we don't see that a whole lot. Hopefully, we wont see anything like this anytime soon, but it is a cause for alarm."

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