BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - Downtown Fire - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

12/01/2004 - Nacogdoches


by Cody Tayloe

Investigators will try to determine what started today's fire at an oil company near downtown Nacogdoches. Nobody was hurt.

Authorities say the blaze at the Morgan Oil complex was put out by mid-afternoon. Crews then moved in to clean up the area.

Parts of the city's business district were evacuated early this morning as the pre-dawn fire burned well into mid-morning, producing a dense column of black smoke.

Police spokesman Greg Sowell says the fire destroyed Morgan Oil's offices and a gasoline tanker trailer. The company's two bulk gasoline tanks weren't damaged.

By midmorning, firefighters had reduced the flames with the help of foam provided by Lufkin firefighters, and had much of the evacuated area reopened.

About 300 students got the day off as a precaution, since Nettie Marshall Elementary School is near the Morgan Oil distributorship. Authorities say students were turned away when they arrived at the school. The school was closed and never had to be evacuated, and classes will resume tomorrow.

Most of the roads in the area have now been reopened.

Main Street Businesses in downtown Nacogdoches ARE open.

The Nacogdoches County Courthouse has reopened.

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