Sheriff speaks out on Alfred Wright case

Sheriff speaks out on Alfred Wright case

It's been nine months since Alfred Wright was found dead in Sabine County. And it's been a whole nine months since the Sabine County sheriff has been tight-lipped about the case. While he caught flak from the public for not discussing the case, he also came under fire from the Wright family. Tonight at 6, Sheriff Tom Maddox opens up for the first time about the Wright case and explains why he stayed quiet and answers some of the burning questions about the investigation.

Many of you probably remember stressing about making a good score on your SAT. Well, at 6, Donna McCollum introduces you to a young man who recorded a perfect score!

Also at 6, Caleb Beames brings you the testimony from a man accused of murder in Polk County.

And Leigha Hughes tells you about Smudge, the three-month-old orange tabby who will melt your heart. She's tonight's Best Furry Friend.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor