Relatives of Adrian Peterson's sign with Lufkin's East Texas Timber Rattlers

Relatives of Adrian Peterson's sign with Lufkin's East Texas Timber Rattlers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There's more exciting news for Lufkin's professional arena football team the East Texas Timber Rattlers.

Three more players have been added to the roster as of Thursday, and they all come from the same bloodline as East Texas native Adrian Peterson.

The Rattlers have signed Peterson's half-brother Jaylon Brown, but Jaylon is hesitant to say half. Jaylon said they have a bond like true brothers and it's Peterson that inspired him to love the game so much.

"I grew up watching him play so that's what made me want to play," said Jaylon. "Watching him play, I was like, 'Oh I can be the same way, even better.' So he attracted me, he's the reason why I play football."

Peterson pushes the 20-year-old like a brother. Jaylon and Peterson's two cousins, Donte and Ivory Brown, work out with Peterson every summer. Donte and Ivory have also signed with the Rattlers.

"We do a lot of hard, crazy stuff. That's why he's the best," said Jaylon.

"Oh yeah, it helped. They were the worse workouts in my life, like the worse," said Donte. "No workout compares because we were doing more than NFL workouts."

The youngest to sign with the team is Peterson's cousin Ivory, at just 19 years old. He'll have to learn how to play with the men, but if he's anything like Peterson, that shouldn't be a problem.

"I'm really excited. I'm so happy. I feel blessed because no teenager gets this opportunity," said Ivory. "I'm just really happy, and scared? No, just happy."

As Palestine natives, excitement is an understatement to have the opportunity to play professional ball in East Texas, on familiar stomping grounds.

"It's going to be amazing because I know everybody will be there. I know everybody because this is a football town," said Donte. "In East Texas, people love football here. I know it's going to be real great. I'm ready and very excited."

Not only do they have the support of Peterson to succeed, they always got their family which they can now call their teammates.

"He (Peterson) would say shoot for the stars. If not the stars, shoot for the moon," said Jaylon.

"It's going to be so fun to play with my brother, my cousin, it's just really a blessing," said Ivory. "I feel so blessed to play with all of them."

The three said they will continue to get advice from Peterson throughout the season which will be starting March of next year.

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